Lesson 1

In our first class with Stuart Blake we learnt about copywriters, their job roles and different ad agencies that have had a great impact in the world of advertising and design.

Stuart being a copywriter himself was able to tell us about agencies he had also worked with such as dda and Young and Rubicam. We briefly touched upon the agencies DDB, PBH and dd&a which i then researched into a little myself.

During class Stuart challenged us to create a strapline about ourselves which were appropriate to either the opposite sex or employer. Putting ourselves in the shoes of a copywriter.

Below is the work for this lesson, my ideas thought process and final product.


copywriting slide images.001 copywriting slide images.002 copywriting slide images.003 copywriting slide images.004 copywriting slide images.005 copywriting slide images.006 copywriting slide images.007 copywriting slide images.008


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