Grab your morning coffee.

peugeot_django_home2 (1)

Ever just catch yourself yawning uncontrollably. Caw there you go again, yawn yawn. Not getting enough sleep are we. Thinking about that morning coffee you wish you had time to pick up 5 minutes ago before you’re then ambushed by a bunch of school kids carrying what seems to be double in their weight and size. Is this all just a dream? Yes it is, you’ll hit snooze again in 5. No i’m afraid not you are in what we call the morning reality. Tube delays. People buzzing everywhere. Spilt coffees. Toothpaste galore. Yep you name it. This is the morning glory, just accept it.

But have you considered your options? Do you really want to go to that meeting today feeling half alive, not functioning properly all because you missed that morning coffee, that essential part of your day. I don’t think you do, tell me if i’m wrong. I think what you need is a scooter. That’s right, your fast commute into town, forget the craziness of the tubes and buses, your scooter will do it for you, swerve you in and out of places you’ve never been before and most importantly get you to that meeting on time with your coffee in your hand, no spillages.

Give it ago, try a peugeot scooter for once, give us the opportunity to get your mornings straight again. 



For a better view of slides: ( peugeot scooters pdf )         PS.001 PS.002 PS.003 PS.004 PS.005


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