How much do brands really mean to people? 

Today we had a talk with Laurent Francois, the creative strategist and founder of RE-UP.  Laurent talked about marketing mainly, opening our eyes to what it is really like for brands and giving us a few pointers on how particular brands have strived over the years.

But before we get into it let’s discuss Adblock…

Ad Blocking. You do it, I do it, let’s be honest your neighbour does too. There is no denying how irritating it can be to sit through commercial after commercial and on top of that have ads popping left right and centre around your page. The odd 1 or 2 we don’t mind, but when it is constant there’s only so long before you get yourself that cheeky adblock.

Figures given show that in 2014-2015 ad block has grown by 41%. By june 2015 Ad block’s monthly users had accumulated to 198 million. And that’s a growing figure!

It has now become increasingly harder for brands to get across their message when they are being blocked by the general public. So this can only mean one thing. Brands need to up their game!

If brands really aren’t that important to consumers how can they make themselves important?

How can we add value to the brand to make it important enough for the customers to care?

It is our jobs as the creatives to make the change.

 Laurent went through a few examples of where brands have done something different to get their customers attention and be more memorable. Here are a few……



Not too long ago before coke zero & coca cola life you wouldn’t have associated the brand with health would you? It’s a fizzy drink. Fizzy drinks usually mean sugar. Well that is the thought that comes to mind.

This is exactly what coca cola are trying to change.  This is the ‘dream’.

Coca Cola wanted to change the dream to ‘a better healthier world’. So they introduced a Life, a product with more nutritional value.

 A spokesperson for The Coca-Cola Company told loveFOOD that the aim of the launch was to offer “more reduced-, low- and no-calorie options [that will] inspire happier, healthier lives.” 

Also on their website ‘By adding Coca-ColaLife to our family of colas, we are giving people an extra option that’s lower in sugar and calories, with sweetness from natural sources.’

What do you guys think? Does the whole green image suit coke ? Did it catch your attention and what do you think of the brand now?

Moving on….. 


red bull extreme

When we think  Redbull we think extreme sports but at the same time we can assoiciate the brand with students, partying, smoking weed and via tumblr… this is not the initial thought we have so this means the brand has done something right… their dream. 



‘Adopted from South Korea, raised on different continents & connected through social media, Samantha & Anaïs believe that they are twin sisters separated at birth.’

The twinsters movement gave something for viewers to tap into, Laurent talked about extimacy and what this does for the viewers, how they are able to relate. If brands are able to do this aswell just like a documentary it can have a long lasting effect, leading the viewer to remember. 



Misspelling the names on purpose?!

All this time you thought they were getting it wrong..  You’ve laughed at the fact they can’t get such a simple name right, you’ve shown your friends, possibly tweeted a photo, or snapchat…

But jokes on you because this was there plan all along! Smart isn’t it. I’ll just let that sink in.. 😉

To sum up, a little quote from Laurent;

‘If you have a dream no one follows… it’s an empty dream.’

Get people on board with your dream, make it known and make it happen!

If you read till the end thank you!


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