Today we were joined with Ines Barril, the account manager for ‘Movement’ who has given us an insight into what goes on at this mobile forward digital agency & the jobs she her and her team must undertake! Keep reading to find out more…!

Knowing your value!

First of all Ines gave us a little background on herself, oh boy had she travelled. I think it goes something like from portugal to barcelona to madrid and finally landing where we are in london! (surprise surprise 😉 Ines talked a little about the agencys she had worked for and just how some places she knew were not right for her. It could be a case of very long hours or just not feeling comfortable with the team you are working with, it’s about knowing your value! 

So what brought Ines to london you may ask? Movement! This is where Ines began her journey as AM at the digital agency!

Stay tuned to find out more about what it’s like for Ines being an AM….


Account manager duties

It usually goes a little something like this ….

AM recieves brief from client and ask suitable questions

AM goes back to creative team to discuss brief

If brief is not recieved it is up to AM to ask relevant questions  to come up with the correct brief & Rational which is then sent to the client and discussed with the creatives

A time plan is then set

Besides the  brief’s AM’s also work on..


internal work

overall finance

travelling to client


checking timing plans

& this is what helps it all come together.


It is important to be keeping up to date with all the technicalities/design issues that are sent as emails, keeping up with any changes and informing one another every time there is a change.

All of these jobs involve a good communication, from AM to client to the creatives, we must make sure we are working with a brief and the message is clear, at the end of it we do not  want an unhappy client and creative team.

Ines gave us the low down on the types of AM’s, clients and developers out there and i’m here to tell you!

When working with your AM you might find he/she leans more towards what the client wants only and doesn’t budge at all when it comes to design – these guys are Pro-client. You might find they are the opposite to that and will back you 100% with you design till the end – these guys are Pro-agency! Or they are somewhere Inbetween & balanced. Gathering from what i have been told today as a creative i think i’d much rather someone inbetween!

download (1).jpeg

Moving onto Clients…

Your client knows digital, your client doesn’t know digital. It’s your job coming from a digital background to advise them and inform them of their options. We are moving digital with nearly everything now and it would be silly not to.. let’s move with the times people!

Clients & creatives….

No they will not always understand eachother. It won’t always be an easy smooth ride but this is part of coming across challenges and taking them on. The Am is there to explain what her creatives are doing and what the client wants when they do not understand one another, being the middle man can sometimes diffuse the situation and help.

The developer..

I just need more time!.. You’re going to get that one almost unrealistic idea in the world of digital that takes a little more time to develop than usual, be prepared for this & hope your developer can wave their magic wond!

So that concludes our talk with Ines, it was great getting to understand a little bit more about ins and outs of being an AM and the tasks undertaken day in day out, amongst creatives and clients. Hope you learned a thing or 2! Thanks for reading 🙂


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