Architecture Research


A famous work by the architect himself Jörn Utzon. Sydney opera house is known for its complex yet brilliant design and one most probably wouldn’t have known the story behind! There is a lot to this design that i think you guys should take a look at further yourselves! Read more about the formation of the house and concept at sydney opera house & Sydney Opera House .

 opera house.jpg     operhouse2.png


Another project that struck me was the tower of greed, or St George Wharf Tower as you may know it. This 600ft tall skyscraper didn’t just strike me because of its outstanding height, poking out in the city skyline, but what is going on beyond this great cylindrical tower , i’m talking money, investment, the super rich!



With statistics confirming that two-thirds of the tower is invested in by foreign and those that barely occupy the apartments, the tower seems to be less as ‘new homes’ but more like investments.

Looking at examples such as the greedy tower allows me to ask questions that relate to the brief, keeping in mind what we want to achieve for our residents. For example this could bea case of more affordable housing and not so much the 3million apartment.

River light

Riverlight had City and county graphics design them something graphical which links in with the designs well. The idea of taking something small out of a architectural design and applying it to your branding, this is what i am looking at doing in my groups.


sky scraper city—

money does not make me happy —-

building nicknames

what is it associated with

is it related to architect in anyway

do the architects have a certain style

base ur designs on the locations you’re doing it in…. always appealing to the target


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