Manor Place

I would have titled this blog post Manor Place Landmarks, in follow up to my last post however in all honesty there isn’t a great bunch going on in manor place! All the more reason for a new development ;)!

As far as Landmarks go, Manor place is best known for ‘Manor Place Baths’, dating back to 1976, the baths was a public place for the community to go and enjoy different events varying from sports & swimming to concerts and meetings.

4678315.jpg  4617118467_277x226.jpg

Although the Baths was a central place for people  to go and have a good time it did have its faults. Lack of hygiene and other factors such as building deterioration lead to the Baths closing down. Further to this the inside of the building were once again renovated and is no longer seen as risk. It remains, waiting for a new venture!


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