So that we understood what we are actually working with in our brief one of our members in the group; Lea volunteered on behalf of the group to check out the site and where exactly the NCP car park was based, how it looked, what was around it and in general answer a few questions like this that we had.

From this research we were able to also get an understanding on whether the new build would over look the Brighton sea, which could be a key element to our design. But having said that getting a closer look at the building and the structure of it allowed us to get a better visualisation for designs, since the structure must remain the same. For example the horizontal lines may play a part in the logo design.

Manor Place

manor place images.001.jpeg

Myself and Lea went to Manor place and decided to walk down the hightreet and then all the way around the space the new build was going to be. We wanted to get a feel for the area, the kind of shops that were there, the people, and just understand what was there and what was missing.

From being in the heart of manor place i could see there was the standard high street brands but a high amount of multicultural shops/supermarkets. This shows to me the area is multicultural and it is something that can be thought about when designing our brand.

We did notice that although there was many locals around the highstreet, the actual square space ‘new build’ and surrounding streets were very quiet and not a lot was going on. All the more reason for this to be a new space to be renovated and bring something to the community that matters!

Side note

Did you know?…….

zoom charlie.png  Charles_Chaplin_plaque.jpg

Ever notice the blue plaque? Well surprisingly we didn’t either until it was pointed out during presentation time! 😀 Great thing we get feedback hey!….

Turns out our genius Charlie Chaplin was birthed right here, who would of known.. 😉


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