As notes go we feel as though we don’t know a lot about our london group and what their project is about so we arranged a group meeting with to clarify.

First of all sorry for the quality of these images…

So the reason i am including these badboys is because photo on the left, pixilated mess was actually what helped me and my group get our vision back. We sat around a table with our london group and asked all the questions we needed whilst they scribbled down notes and so did we around this one piece of tracing paper. I really appreciated this session as i was a little lost i must admit and talking to our group helped me and the girls understand what our project was about, who we were targeting and where we were headed!!




These notes will make absolutely no sense to anybody from the outside looking in however they were our groups saviour. Above you can see i was scribbling down everything we was talking about and turning it into a visual that made sense to me. I was then able to look back on these if i had any questions.



Another meeting i found successful was with the Brighton group. Same concept we sat around the designs and discussed our ideas and theirs, we actually found from this that we was looking at basing our marketing more around sustainability but what they wanted was to aim more at families.




image17Whilst in these meetings i tried to also find out apart from the obvious questions we were asking, more in detail things such as the materials they were going to use in their buildings. When we spoke to london they were able to tell us that they were using timber, light coloured bricks and glass in different areas of their development. This gave as an idea for even what kind of colours we could incoperate into our design. However when we asked brighton they were still a little unsure which is fine, but so long as we are all on the same page. We didn’t want to design something that doesn’t consistent to the eye, why would we use green and they use brown. Get my point? 😉



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