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colour-palet2For brighton i sketched  a couple ideas surrounding what brighton had already shown us and what their inspiration was. First of all they spoke about the architect Asaf Dali  who designed these unique little houses which fit a grid and they told us how this was a key inspiration, from this i took a key feature being the house shape. Above yo ucan see my sketch and how i have then taken it into illustrator and combined using the shape& pen tool to make my designs. I have played around with colour schemes, aiming for something bright that will appeal to my target audience families. On the right is the colour scheme i wanted to go with.


Further to our individual designs and sketches, Me lea and Kayshan decided to call another group meeting with brighton to see what they thought of our ideas and whether they would be happy to go with one of them.

During this meeting we found out the name of our project which was going to be ‘street in the sky’. This was due to the build having a stairway that ran through the middle of it, almost acting like a street in the sky, to the architects, this was the connector of the building. Interesting concept i thought, however i then thought of a way we could narrow it down so it sounds less like a phrase or tagline and more like a name. From this we were able to come up with SKYLANE. Lane linked in well with the other ‘lanes’ that were already part of brighton & sky went with the theme they initally had.

The second problem we faced in our design was that the house logo no longer fitted the name. I discussed this with the group and ensured that really the name should match in some ways to what we are presenting as a visual, maybe we are to move away from the house logo and more towards the stairway? Or combine the two?

A few of the architects designs to help us in our development:



After raising a few concerns we had about our design not fitting the groups name and finding ways in which we could solve the problem, we did exactly that. Lea adjust one of the logos she had designed and me and we all agreed we preferred her design, as it showed development. The final logo as below shows the stairway and house theme combined together, both using colours that were also part of the architectures plans. All worked out in the end.





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