Sketch -IK

A few initial sketches

sketch1          sketch2         sketch3

First few ideas that came to mind as i jotted down different i began to sketch, as rough as these are it was a starting point for me because i knew i could ask the questions i needed to to get where i wanted to be.

SKETCH a) in the top left hand corner you can see a figure holding up their device to the object/artwork. The idea is to have the device scan over the item and flag up any key information about the object that is of interest.

aa) below this little sketch a is separate idea. Here i would like the consumer ti be able to walk up to an interactive screen where they can change the visual by touching it or simply by using the tablet in the middle.

SKETCH b) Here the idea is to use the floor as a screen activator. Whatever you do on the floor will activate what goes on on screen, for example stepping on certain tiles might unveil answers to a question on the screen about the artwork. This is a fun way of getting the consumer involved and making it more like a game!

SKETCH c) The idea here is to scan over a piece of art, a still, a painting and the device will activate the art, turning it into a stunning animation! The art moves!




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