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With london i believe we could have taken our branding in a few directions. A) going with symbolism, playing around with the arches/square, b) creating something that symbolises togetherness/community or c) the market.

Above in my sketches shows a simplified version of the ideas we were aiming for, either one single square, combining 2 squares, or using the square and arch, which was also a key feature in the new build.

After discussing our ideas and giving feedback to one another we decided to go with the 2 squares combining them together, along with the name alongside it ‘Walworth Square’.

Below is Kays visual.


After talking with the architects about the design they really enjoyed the idea of going with the square and keeping with a simplistic theme however they were unsure about the colours, as were we. After looking at further designs of theirs and seeing the materials they decided to go with and their final colour scheme we were able to take from this and adapt our designs. For example looking below you will see the brown coloured brick would not work well against a purple and green logo. I do however feel kayshan did well to think of neutral tones whilst we had almost 2 target audiences and no colour scheme yet. All progress 🙂




Talking with the architects we sketched something up quickly on the spot, they liked the idea of using neutral greys, creams, browns & possibly combing the arch and square together.


Above are a few of my versions and below a few of Kay’s versions. Taking the feedback we were given.


Again after further discussion and design we decided to change our logo to one tone using the code for the brown in the above colour palette. We felt this would work well as a neutral /warm tone and decided to combine the arch with the square. Lea gave the logo a hand felt sketch to it whilst keep up a professional image. Below is the finished product.




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