The journey of the pop up brochure…

image2.jpeg  The sketch…

The paper mock up …..2016-11-21-photo-00000317

Getting stuck in….


During editing ….

 Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 14.42.06.png


After final improvements…




Getting more stuck in….




So in visuals that concludes my pop brochure! If you would like to find out more behind the brochure continue to read 😉

To start you may wonder what triggered the thought of pop up? Some may think its quite childlike and others different, each to their own that’s what i say.

Well as we were sat around the table brinstorming for ideas of where we could take our ideas with brighton, i was trying to think of niche ways i could appeal to a family audience. At first i thought of the children in the family and how moving could be a big change for them, most parents want what is best for their child right?

So this leads me on to my next point… What if we could provide both the adult and child with something that can make them smile… a dream.. a goal… a new home!

How can we do this? POP UPS 🙂

I personally think the idea of a pop up is playful and can appeal to a wide audience depending on how sophisticated you wish to make it. I wanted the idea to be fun and inventive so with my team we discussed how we could make this pop up brochure work…

We came up with the idea of the family creating their own online dream room and being able to have the option of it being sent to them in the post. Their own interior designed, dream room! What a way to get them thinking about their new home!

So as this was the confirmed idea, i set out on a venture to create this pop up brochure. It may not seem a lot being on the outside but boy let me tell you, sitting arched at a desk for hours fiddling around with itsy bits of paper trying to make a pop up work is by no means easy! 😀

I used paper to begin with, then moved onto card and experimentd making mini mock up pieces to go in the bedroom, from wardrobe to bed, heck i even knitted the duvet cover!!

And although this was time consuming but fun to get stuck in with i did come to realise there are a few things that matter in this process.

a) costing to make product

b) time

c) materials too fragile? will they break

d) does it look proffesional

After asking myself these questions, talking to my group and having a think.. we decided to stick with the card/paper pop up and not add any complications of actually making the whole god damn bedroom by scratch..

So i did exactly that and created an illustration that i think fitted well with a family modern theme.



Whilst i was working on the brochure design and making it Kayshan worked on the website for the brochure where the customer could design their room. We made sure we had several meetings to see where we was all at and this helped the process a lot. Kay & Lea told me their opinions, i told them mine, and together we formed a good team i believe, making sure everything flowed together.




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