Game room



The idea behind this room is to make it feel like a multiaction/ multipurpose game room.

I was inspired a little by the dancefloor games you find in an arcade. How your quick movement can activate the buttons and its all about what you press that determins your next move…. Well this is slightly similar but different.. The consumer will be able to interact with the screen and the floor at the same time, but it will be all about unlocking questions and answers, the consumer must step on the right tile to unlock the correct answer, the screen will tell them if they are right. Each question will be to do with the artwork so that they can learn whilst having fun.

Another feature in the room is the squares in the wall. The consumer may wear a headset.. placed next to the squares, and look inside, each square will show or ask something different and have the consumer interact, an experience they will not be able to walk away from.. whether these are illusions/puzzles they must unfold or create their own!



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