ticketmaster-has-developed-a-new-interactive-seating-appToday we went directly to Ticket Master’s headquarters to kick off our brief. 

The marketing & advertising team spoke to us about the company, what they have previously achieved, what has been successful and what they are steering away from now. From this talk we were able to get an understanding of where ticketmaster are headed and what they want from us for this brief! Yipee

Down below i have some notes from the day!


– Associated with LIVE NATION

– Multi channel

-email database , house ad network , tm blog, Social

-data collected on customers to use to target i.e. from email

-some content channels that are used ; PMP, PCC/AFFILIATES, FAN NETWORK,


-Different channels used depending on event

-moving to wordpress- better navigation


-Ticketmaster visits over 135mill

-blog page 150,000 views p/mover

-over 850k festval tickets sold 2016 – main ticket agent

-clients: festival republic, reading , fest, wireless etc


most recent festival launch – 2014 revamp 2015 – FESTIE GURU- all fest information

-Bestie guru character changes over the year, does something diff (valentines, summer)

-game on fest guru, youtube vids, (how to survive)


-Cheap day tickets- seeing many artists – targets

-London fest ticket

-live blogging- also drives sales

festival challenge – win vip upgrade  , download tickets on inflatables challenge

-Ticketmaster helps to promote smaller artists, and vice versa big artists helping promote ticketmaster. Access to bands/artists talk about their stuff, hashtags interviews

MINIMASTER- getting kids involved


-make guide & campaign aspirational

-how we can use imagery to excite and draw people to be part of a ‘community’

-User generated content

-a campaign that engages with several festival demographics…

Appealing to :
-Glampers, rockers, bloggers, fashionista, families, the mud fan, festival virgin, under 30s

-create relatable/ sharable content

-they want more ‘fun/cool. vibe’ more approachable… new & exciting

-provide info in the content of the campaigns to maybe educate the customers more about a band/artist etc

-Increase traffic to tickemaster, drive sales

-converting visitors into sales!


-content is promoted from mid march to October – look at promoting seasonal content… summer, easter, valentines  etc

-jan/feb – there are large ticket sales

-march/april tickets dip- look at new ways to regain target audience


-Weather impacts, payday impacts, line up impacts,

-customers are buying later, how can we get them to buy earlier


-small and large festivals competing with one another – appeal to all

-do what others aren’t doing, nothing can be copied


-were promoting a festival brand overall… not one specific

-try to aim at all demographics…

-look at current content 


-1st feb .. ideas will get feedback

-end of feb.. refine ideas


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