Book Project

Book project time! Here is some research into illustrators that i did.

The first slide i dont have a name for the illustrator but i know the style is based on imagery and geometric shapes. I like the combination of the two and it gives the illusion that there is possibly more than one scenery in the piece…

Illustrators References (1)

Emma Van Leest is great at working with paper designs, she uses a hand blade to intricately cut out each design and i love that, absolute dedication! I would like to give this a go for sure !

Illustrators References (2)

Hannah Davies works with patterns and watercolour, again very neat intricate detail. This kind of work takes time and persistance but i would defo give it a crack!

Illustrators References (3)

Ed fairburn works with portraits and illustrating them in a way that makes them part of the map. Its almost like the map and the detail of the lines can form the features of the face. I love this its so unique and a again a detailed design!

Illustrators References


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