Half way thoughts

How am i going to produce my design.

I would like to have my illustration lazor cut out and in an ideal world it would be cool to have it being 3D in my double page spread of the book.

After recieving feedback i was given the go ahead to get my design lazor cut, i did go and speak to the prototyping guys and they adviced me to send a few emails as i hadn’t had an induction before so i wasn’t able to use the machine.

They responded saying it was fine… BUTScreen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.29.44.png

After speaking with the person in prototyping it actually hit me that the designs are being sent in as a flattened image.. .duh! So in my head i was thinking i could have the actual lazor cut out in the book, so people could feel the textures and see each little intricate cut. So this does take the fun out of the design a little for me…

I decided not to get my design lazor cut and instead work on getting as much detail in their by hand, focusing on the other artists i had previously looked at.




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