In my design i wanted to make the big ben the main feature so i spent a lot of time on this part of the design. I wanted there to be a lot of detail in the big ben, so when you are zooming in you can see more and more.  I used the pen tool in illustrator for this, and made sure the stroke was low so you could see detail. Everything is created from scratch using the tool so it took quite a while, but if you want detail this is the way.

For the rest of the city i wanted to keep it as simple outlines so that your focus is still drawn to the ben! Again i used the pen tool and played around with the layers so see how each design looked next to one another. I had to move the eye a few times and adjust it so that it looked like it was behind the houses of parliment which again means paying close attention to detail.


For my background i was inspired by artists Katharine Asher and Petra Dufkova who use watercolours and inks. I used soft tones such as blue to give a calming effect and repeated the design on both sides of the page.


‘live the life you love’. My overall theme was looking at the city but as i went on with the watercolour work i felt a positive quote to fit the calm vibe of the blues would work well.

I used painter as the font for this and kept the colour of the text the same as the background. I used the warp tool to curve my text and make it look as tho they are waves. Again fitting in with the calm theme and also it works nicely being next to the Thames it can represent it nicely.


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