Summary of project

The idea/credits

So to start off with i would like to give credit to all the people that have assisted me from idea point to the final outCome; Shout out to Antony Otieno, Naomi van der stouw, Corinna Hobson & Angel Mpofu.

In the beginning i changed my idea a few times, my initial plan was to go with a very futuristic human vs robot theme… and involve a lot of sci fi however given the resources and the fact i didn’t want it to look shitty i decided to go with something i could visualise and new i couuld film. Boy even with this there were challenges. but every project has them right?

So Lets get into the idea, you meet Sarah, a 20 year old poetry student, finds herself  living in a drug reliant world. She suffers from social anxiety but has a recital coming up. This puts her in a tricky situation. She finds herself questioning her morals and values as she does something she wouldn’t usually do.  Can Sarah’s innocence and nativity be what gets her into trouble?

Sarah thinks that taking this pill which claims to solve all of her problems, will do exactly that, she thinks it will get rid of her social anxiety. The idea that theres a pill for everything in this world she lives in, the idea that this pill could do exactly that.

I want to take the naivity out of Sarah a little and show her exactly what the drugs can do i.e missing her recital. A more fatal ending could have been arrange but that’s for another day! For now she misses the recital and suffers side effects including blackouts and migraines.



Thanks to the advice from Naomi who studies film at rave, i was told to use a Canon 50mm f/1.4 Lens and Canon 16-35mm Lens 2.8 L. Obviously not being a film student and still getting the hang of my own camera back home, this doesn’t really mean much to me, i still wasn’t sure where the lenses would be good. So i had a little chat with naomi about different shots and angles and she gave me some advice in where these could be used.

To be totally honest with you the filming came natural eventually, once you start you get into the flow of it and know what works best. Everything in the film is shot and directed by me except the scene that i am in of course ;).

On the day of filming i was accompanied by Antony and Corinna, joint producer and actress. Without these guys i would not have a film. Thanks to Corinna, drama graduate, my film would probably look like a pile of rubbish. Luckily this girl knew how to act and i am grateful for her taking part in this short film. It wasn’t easy dealing with a Bel, considering i had never been in this position before, but eventually we got there and everyone was very patient with me 😉

Antony and me came up with the idea and talked through everything so on set filming he was a helping hand with anything i had missed out from the idea and did a great job steering me back in the right direction when i would go off track. His moral support and guidance helped me get through this. Believe it or not there was A LOT of footage to cut down, so getting it to the 3 min mark was definitley a challenge, where i would want to give up Tony had my back! Cheers babe!

Finally a mention to Angel, my actress that unfortunately wasn’t included in the final scenes. Again this is down to the amount of footage i had. I had filmed a phone call with Angel and Corinna aka Sarah and wanted this to be included around the time Sarah was going through her side effects, HOWEVER this was holding up time and i had to really cut back. But still a . big thanks for her support and patience.

Lastly big up youtube with all those tutorials on how to edit, because damn if it wasn’t for you guys i would be lost!!

Overall the only really difficulties i had were finding the right editing techniques at the end oh and a few mic issues at the start. I had taken two mics out and the guy was awesome with his advice and everything, then it got to filming and they didnt even bloody work ! lol. But we managed!!

If any of you read this to then end. BIG UP YOU YEEE. Because i know i like to ramble but i had to get this down!

Cheers again everyone. Peace x





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