Barclays Brief notes



Today we went to the Barclays headquatres to kick start our brief.

Kevin Broadfoot in charge of the competition/brief gave us all the pointers on what Barclays would like for this brief and what they are trying to raise awareness in.

Here are a few of my notes


  • Data protection act – there are certain boundaries in which data can be used this act protects you to a certain degree however frauds/ identity thefts still happen
  • How is your data being used- is it being passed on to third parties
  • identity theft- what can you do to stop it, how can you protect your info
  • what is your digital footprint like? Whatever you post stays on the net for a while


the video –

  • 2-3 mins long storyboard
  • ‘elevator conversation’
  • multicultural – banks based all over the world
  • a video that someone can pick up on if they watch half way through
  • think about how long they will be in the lift- enough time to get the message accross
  • can be animation
  • outline – making people aware of identity theft and protecting your identity – your digital footprint.. consequences..
  • think about it further than the elevator, video may be shared elsewhere
  • title: ‘your dgitial footprint, your identity, take steps to protect it’

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