Class group work

How can we protect ourselves against identity theft?

downloadBel, Mo, Rebekah, Emily, Yesim, Courtney, Monira
  • Reading terms and conditions before ticking
  • Giving out email/telephone number
  • Reading and accepting cookies
  • Strengthening passwords – Have more than 1 password
  • Do not keep all sensitive information on one platform/device
  • Do not keep sensitive information on the cloud
  • Use reliable platforms/services for file sharing
  • Keep check on your credit history
  • Don’t save credit card information to websites
  • Phone blocker on cold callers
  • Understand the difference between personal and sensitive data and use them appropriately
  • Install Antivirus’
  • Take setting off autofill
  • Make sure the site is secured – Use of HTTPS
  • Social media privacy settings
  • Check for fake phishing website addresses
  • Spotting a scam/spam/ popups
  • Bank statements/ sensitive documents- dispose of them properly
  • Reporting suspicious behaviour online
  • Turn on your firewall
  • The use of encryption

In groups today we all tackled different aspects of your privacy, identity theft, how you can protect yourself and we looked at different case studies. Here are a few key points about data protection from our group.


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