images    terms-and-conditions-1337610285-herowidev4-0  People spend on average 1.2 seconds between opening the terms page and accepting. That is a very short amount of time

– why do we accept so easily? – made too wordy – only a lawyer could understand – made hard to read on purpose – we accept fast



Making people aware that through their actions there are consequences and that they are not always safe:

i.e mistake — accepting terms without reading

consequence— app has access to personal data and is shared

mistake — sharing personal info on site with cookies

consquence — person is hacked and identity theft is more likely

unintended-consequences .         4787620-your-actions-have-consequences

Using this structure i believe we can make people aware that what they do without realising can have a massive impact on their digital footprint and their online presence leaving them in amore vulnerable place.. to be taken advantage of.



Notes /further idea

  • to these companies you’re not a person , you’re a digit
  • the stalker — someone is tracking your every move.. every search is recorded– info collected will go into a file about you
  • iphone is tracking device – fb messenger has access to location/ camera- what if it is recording your every move


Idea break down

What if siri would ask your permission everytime a term and condition arose?

For example each time the person is to use a new app , go on a particular site or anything that requires the use of terms/conditions we could use siri as a ground to give the terms a voice.

i.e Siri: ” Would you like me to share your location?”

Once the location is shared the app knows your exact whereabouts. That could be a little creepy.


The idea with using siri is that we begin with light hearted terms and conditions that everyone clicks accept to, and eventually have siri ask very shocking terms but still with the user agreeing to each one. This will eventually lead to a consequence, surrounding the persons data being shared and they lose their privacy to identity theft.





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