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Those two dreaded words.

You just want to sign up to this new amazing app but in order to do so you need 300+ pages of the rubbish that nobody understands first to get it !

Its all a set up!! Companies know that if they make a long wordy terms policy that no one really is going to stop and give to flying ducks about reading it and click accept anyway.


That is where we are all going wrong.

We are blindly accepting to terms we haven’t read and if we are doing that we may aswell be letting a burglar into our home and whilst he’s here invite him for lunch???

All jokes aside. This is a problem. But how does this all tie into data privacy and identity theft… let me explain

People like to tweet, snapchat, you name it- they are posting on social media right.. But how many of those guys know where their personal data is going… how many of them have posted something they wish they could take down .. and do they know its up there permanently ?! How many of them limit what data they are sharing and do they know how easy is it is once someone gets hold of that data what can be done with it.

All it can take is one hack and your life is in somebody elses hands! They only need a few of your details that you are providing them and before you know it you have lost your identity.

People are not careful enough on the internet and here is where i have started to brainstorm with my partner Mae…..  follow our journey and thoughts




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