Scenarios in rough

Person wakes up and turns off alarm on phone and checks weather.

Siri speaks “You have 4 new emails, Do you agree to share your location with this app?” Person says “Yes”

Weather is shown on app.

Person waiting at a bus stop flicking through their phone publishes a picture taken earlier.

This app will have access to content whereby it can be stored and reproduced for later use without notice. Do you agree to this?


When they agree the ad the stop changes and the picture they published is used on the ad.

Girl construction worker


Do you agree to let this app record audio?

Person enters meeting and places phone on the desk. The black screen flashes on and the record icon appears with a second counter. It fades to black again. Confidential information is discussed.

I really shouldnt be telling you this – let 100 ppl go

Black business man 30/40’s

This app wants to send emails out to your contacts & change calendar events, do you agree to this?

“Your STI test appointment has been rescheduled for the 21st of May”



Person is studying/working at a library or other quiet workplace and they have airplane mode on. They use an app and it says: Do you agree to automatically turn off airplane mode? They agree and all these messages come through and they get told off by the librarian.

Student/early 20s Boy


Person is discussing gossip during their coffee break and forwards a couple of screenshots of a conversation to a colleague. Do you agree to this app reading and sharing your text messages? The colleague they were talking about finds out and causes a scene.


Person is discussing a city break via message with friend. This app will monitor your messages and interactions with friends. Do you agree to this?

1minute later person recieves junk mail rapidly, surrounding city break offers.


Person goes online to do some shopping. “This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to the use of cookies.”


Person continues to browse site. They are then notified that a purchase has been made. The cookies saved the credit car


Person is walking to next destination. “This app requires your location”

This enables a technology on a walkway that gives directions to the person as they walk beside it. It talks to the person “ your next step…”


Person tries to delete a photo of them they find inapproproate online. Later

Affiliates and service providers of this app may retain your information for further use. Do you agree? Person agrees.Later on that day a companion makes them aware of the photo online. It was not deleted.


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