After briefing i asked a few people in the ‘millennial’ category questions surrounding travel and just trying to get a sense of what appeals to them as millennial’s and what drives them to travel etc.

Here are a few questions i asked:

-What drives you to travel?

– What keeps you engaged?

– Aspirations in travelling?


Person 1


  • experiencing different culture /food
  • learning more about myself
  • stepping out my bubble


  • something that shows bonds building
  • friendships
  • broships
  • young love


  • Growth
  • experiences to help you grow


Person 2 


  • Wide range of travel
  • diff food
  • diff clothing
  • ways of living
  • versatility
  • acting


  • to make the place exciting – like their place is the only place they can offer what they offer
  • no place like it


  • experience things – do as much as possible
  • not just a typical family / friend get drunk do nothing holiday
  • visit places landmarks- great wall of china etc
  • volunteering
  • meeting people – learn diff cultures – chats
  • ‘america is like england but on steriods’


Person 3 


  • Seeing vlogs of people travelling
  • cheap holiday deals
  • experiences – culture difference


  • feeling safe, secure & relaxed
  • no weird people
  • promote as adventure/ cool place to be


  • tour asia
  • dif culture experience
  • stories
  • food


Person 4


  • peoples social accounts on travel
  • pinterst /tumblr /insta – ‘my life as eva’  & ‘alex hayes’


  • The visuals
  • vloggers – make you want to be there
  • Jordan dunn did episodes o her travelling asia and trying different foods – cool to watch – likes to follow her journey


  • would like to do what jordan dunn did — travel asia- documenting diff foods etc

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