60 Second campaign


Idea &  Insight

Whilst conducting some research with my fellow millennial’s, I found that many aspire to travel for the difference in culture / people and growing themselves as people. This may involve volunteering for some and others challenging in new areas- meeting new people and exploring areas they have never been to before.

Aswell as the travels being very important one thing i took out of the research was how willing the target audience are in ‘meeting new people’ and longing for new conversation.

For my campaign video i see this as a great angle to approach from as Generator are ‘more than a bed’ – It’s not just a place to stay it’s an experience. When visiting Generator i saw plenty of opportunity for for people to challenge themselves and meet / talk to new people – to have that new conversation – Generator provides the social spaces for this to happen.

Generator is bringing people from all over the world together – whereby experiences can be shared and new bonds with people are built.

Video & How

This is where ‘START A CONVERSATION’ comes in . I would like to propose that the 60 second video is based around the travellers conversation with one another. But mainly I want to show how it just takes one person to make that first step in conversation and for a friendship to blossom.

Also i believe that for people less extroverted and able to push themselves to be the conversation starter- This could be an encouraging experience. It just takes one person to start the conversation and show willingness. This is the message i am getting across. Be that person. Start that conversation. Meet new people , have those chats and be REFRESHED!

Photo on 05-05-2017 at 14.06 #2.jpg

Above i have my visuals for the set and i have begun to write out a script for a scene as part of the 60 second camp. Some of the above involves pointers such as keeping a diverse ethnic group in videos and keep a realistic setting- somewhere in and around generator / a social space where the conversation begins..

Below i have a script for a scene.. It’s light hearted.. But a rough idea of how conversation can be kick started and for friendship to blossom amongst the grounds of generator.

generator script1.jpggenerator script.jpg


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