Promotional pieces

After taking a variety of photos at Generator i came up with a few promotional pieces, keeping in theme with the same tone of voice as generator and keeping branding the same. I have a few variations of styles here, some work a little better than others as experiments and i believe some stand stronger but this just shows how the brand can be promoted.

I used words such as Adventure and rest well/ chill out and relax/ come and be part of the fun/ feel at home/ steps to relaxation…¬†some of these tags i have created use a soft soothing tone which can be inviting. For example ‘feel at home’ with the kind of image i . have used behind – a lot of people chilling- creates this relaxed welcoming tone and makes generator seem like the chill place to go whilst on the other end i have some more social images and close ups of sweets/ promoting the fun and social side to generator.

Best of both worlds if you ask me !

image6image7IMAGE1image8HUNGRY BER










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