Overall reflection – Generator


“You clearly put a lot of work into your idea and really considered the brief. The video was nicely shot but was nearer to two minutes long when the brief asked for a 60 second video, and as a result the content felt a little repetitive. It would be good to see this slimmed down and also with some shots around London rather than just in the hostel.

We were a little confused by the following pitch for another 60 second video when you showed us a script. You again showed that you considered the brief as you made sure to include social. You put lots of work in which really showed, however sometimes slimming down what you have can really champion the quality of your work and maximise its potential.”



Overall i enjoyed filming at generator and being hands on with the project. It taught me to be a bit snappier with my videos- i was a minute over.. So sharpening up my editing skills wouldn’t go a miss. As feedback mentioned the client was a little confused with my extra 60 second campaign video.. to clear up i felt that the video i presented was best fit as a promotional /social video going with the social content so this is why i proposed a 60 second campaign (start a conversation) that if i had time for i think would be more successful (as a campaign), with the right actors/ scenery & script!

But i do understand that next time i must maybe make it clearer what i am doing and stick to the guides given rather than create more work for myself ! 🙂



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