Vidsy brief notes


link to brief : link   

  • Talking about tv ads- expensive
  • things have shifted
  • tv to phone
  • 84% of fb ad revenue is from mobile
  • creatives are given a brand breif — they create video
  • BE QUICK – but don’t want to give away the message to soon
  • different angles of the same subject
  • SOUND OFF – video without subs should be able to tell story
  • FRAMING – looking at different formats making the ad fit to tv is different to mobile- make it fit
  • TELL A STORY – make sure footage makes sense – plan out before filming – give narrative
  • GIVE IT CONTEXT – overlays / captions / emojis
  • Brief
  • Portrait videos
  • use the whole screen wisely
  • Getting people to come to the park – tread lightly -dont take or leave anything behind  – respect wildlife-
  • get message across but keep social/ youthful
  • does first 3 seconds make u want to watch rest of video

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