20 seconds explained

So we have 20 seconds to:

  • tell a story
  • keep viewer engaged (first 3 seconds)
  • keep youthful/ social
  • run the message about keeping richmond park intact (tread lightly) whilst inviting them to come


How are we going to do it?

Youthful –  We wanted to use myself in this video so that it appealed to the age range. Me and Ali discussed & as i fit this bracket it seemed suitable, i was more than happy to do so.

Social – The element of our video that makes it work in social i think is the style of film we have. We want to use cut shots, keeping the video speedy and not letting scenes drags is a major for us as we know it is hard keep people engaged when there is a slightly longer video – especially with our target audience. We also think the selfie theme- (holding the camera and filming wherever i go) works well social and can be associated with platforms such as snapchat. Quick snappy and focused on whoever holds the camera.

Story telling – The camera will follow me as i enter the park and as i am in the city. With a combination of these shots cut and edited correctly together we should have a nice effect where the story is told from both sides. For example a scene could be as i walk through the city and is then cut to a scene of me walking in the park. This shows the variation in kind of environment i am in.

Actor: Throughout the video we wanted to make sure that i was upbeat and showing that you can have a good time in both environments and record the great time you’re having, as you might on snapchat/social.

Message: Our words ‘So close, yet so very different, Let’s cherish Richmond park’ are to be played at the end of the video as it shows a build up of shots with the city and the park leading you to the final message. We want people to know they can have a great time at both places but to just remember Richmond is different from the city and it should be cherished – in other words respected.



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