Brainstorm & Visuals

After doing my primary and secondary research i have found what is popular amongst kids and also tested the waters with my ideas. They seemed to be likeable ideas and something the kids and my fellow peers would like to see be developed….

Now i had my concept in place i just needed my visuals…


Idea 1 – game show

Here i have my initial scribbles on gameshow names & colour schemes i could go for – I was set on the name Rivalz because the kids and stars are in teams competing against one another and it seemed fit! This alongside using the red & black colours gave the show that element of cheek and excitement that it needs.

Photo on 05-06-2017 at 22.45 Artork:

WWE FINAL.004.jpeg


Idea 2 – Cooking show

Here i have my names i was choosing between for a cooking show. I struggled with this one as i didn’t want the show to sound silly or like it had been done before. I loved the idea of big cook little cook, and damn if it wasn’t for copy right! But in the end i chose ‘cookin with the stars’. This is literally what it says on the tin. The kids get a chance to cook with their fav wwe member in pairs on their own station & compete against others! Below i made a little illustration which should depict the star and child 🙂

Photo on 05-06-2017 at 22.44


WWE FINAL.012.jpeg




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