Overall Reflection- WWE

Feedback :
So Giancarlo picked four winners, so we’re just splitting the prize pot four ways (£125 each). The winners are:
  • Joshua Burgess – especially loved the WWE style retro arcade games idea
  • David George – thought the drinks concept was really original and a strong idea
  • Beliz Enver – well developed idea for events and great creative
  • Mark Smith – well presented and thought through idea


Chuffed!! I started off with this brief only having one idea and i was then told we needed 2… so back to grafting i came up with a second one & well i am glad i did!

I was happy with my research and ideas that went into this brief and my feedback its nice to know you are appreciated with your work and self 🙂

For me wwe just like zakti was coming up with a strategy and working out the ins /outs … if you put the right research in and you have good insight your outcome is a lot better.

The client liked my ideas and i am open to improvement or suggestions if there are any… Personally i would play with my cooking show name a little more , they liked the illustrations on both ideas and had nothing bad to say which is great ! 🙂


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