Overall Reflection – Corndel


They also wanted to give a commendation to Joe, Mae, Emily and Beliz – they really liked all of your concepts but you just missed out because they thought they could have been developed a bit further/more details of the campaign could’ve considered.


Corndel wanted us to find a way of raising awareness of their brand whilst informing companies & their teams that their scheme was going to save you money and give you a reduced staff turnover at the end of the day.

Aswell as other main pointers i found that these were the key points- informing companies that they could potentially have a saving with an apprentice vs experienced engineer and that they will be long term.

This lead me to using ‘key/ beneficial’ words in my ads and keeping it clean and concise making sure i deliver that message. I found that infographics are a good use of content marketing and so are banner ads/ emails so i made a variation. This went well for me.

My feedback suggested i could have considered further details for my work to be pushed that bit further. I take this on board and believe there could be more done, next time i will discuss this brief in further detail to get more pointers.



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