Barclays Presentations

Please find a pdf of my research/ links to relevant blogs posts : research Please find a pdf of my pitch: mae … More

Script / Storyboard

After discussing where we were going with the ideas and refining everything me and Mae decided to split the creative … More

Art direction

As shown above these were some of the key elements we wanted to include in our video. We wanted to … More

Scenarios in rough

Person wakes up and turns off alarm on phone and checks weather. Siri speaks “You have 4 new emails, Do … More


      People spend on average 1.2 seconds between opening the terms page and accepting. That is a very short … More

Insight & ideas

TERMS AND CONDITIONS !  Those two dreaded words. You just want to sign up to this new amazing app but … More

Weird terms/conditions!

Some of the freakish terms we have come across  & sources…    You agree to give Snapchat “worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, … More

Barclays campaigns

The second video in ‘Fraud smart: imposter’ lasts 30 seconds and only uses 2 actors. The setting is very simple … More

Data Privacy Campaigns

The privacy project – (Second one in) i find most effective out of these campaigns. I like that they get … More