Promotional Video

  In my promo video i have included shots of the social spaces, bar/ restaurant and chill zones… I wanted to … More

Promotional pieces

After taking a variety of photos at Generator i came up with a few promotional pieces, keeping in theme with … More

60 Second campaign

‘START A CONVERSATION’ Idea &  Insight Whilst conducting some research with my fellow millennial’s, I found that many aspire to … More

Key words/rough ideas

Above i am jotting down the key words surrounding my ideas- KEY WORDS travel friendship challenging yourself sharing experiences fun/ … More


  After briefing i asked a few people in the ‘millennial’ category questions surrounding travel and just trying to get a … More

Generator – First meeting

Notes i jotted down how can we get people to connect emotionally core values Individuality – Authenticity curiosity Exapanding in … More