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      .     Feedback from the tutors gave me the go ahead to carry on with this design.. … More


Exactly what it says^! Create your art, add your sound! This concept was based around the idea of the visitor … More

Tate your own

TATE YOUR OWN idea Customer is able to design there own artwork on an ineractive board, whilst adapting whats already … More

Tech research

Here are some projects that caught my eye whilst surfing. Its worth a look….   ………    


To refer back to holoportal-at-ravensbourne I found the holoportal a very interesting and fun experience. Myself and a few of the … More


  Now that is what you call a whole days worth of brainstorming ideas! When hackmasters came in they really … More

VR lesson notes

Looking at different reality’s normal-  something added to virtual – normal reality disappears mixed reality- jumping between realitys merged – … More

Sketch -IK

A few initial sketches                     First few ideas that came to mind … More